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Classical Pilates

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Times, prices & more info

For group training, there are currently 10 groups at different levels to choose from, contact me for  to consult which group suits you best!

We have small groups (max 5 pers.) And easy to keep distance in our new spacious premises. You can also participate via Skype.


If you would rather train yourself or two people (duet) together, contact me to book a suitable time!


Carola Fischer

070-541 25 22


When I started my education in 2003, I mostly thought that I would improve my own training, I had no thoughts of becoming an instructor myself! Now, 17 years later, I'm still doing what I've realized is my ¨cold¨!

And most of all - I love my job!

What you learn during training, you should try to take with you "out into everyday life"!

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