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More on Classical Pilates &
The basic principles


Basic Pilates Principles


You need to be here and now to achieve better results with your training.

To concentrate & be present with a focus on your own body, on the exercise and the purpose of the exercise, you will improve both your concentration and performance.


Controlling your body & muscles is the key to being able to perform Pilates properly!

The exercises are performed with complete muscle control (learning to relax & unwind muscles), learning to stabilize one body part while another body part is in motion.


Each movement is initiated from the center of the cup and outwards - "powerhouse"!

Powerhouse = navel to spine & lift, scapula to ribs and heal to seat & lenghten!

To initiate the movement from the powerhouse and train the body from the inside out and as evenly as possible so that your body will have the best conditions to function more efficiently.  


During Pilates training, breathing takes place throughout all exercises: in through the nose for better oxygenation and out through the mouth.

Breathing deeply in this way helps to activate the deep abdominal muscles and release unwanted tension as well as keep you focused.


Details are important! A correct shape and posture is important! Quality instead of quantity.

There is a reason why the exercise is performed as it should, there is a reason why we only do 5 repetitions, small corrections can make a big difference!


You do not touch yourself in slow motion in everyday life - therefore not during your Pilates training!

The exercises are designed to flow smoothly from one exercise to the next - just like in everyday life.

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